Bachelor of Business Administration

                   Program in Accounting


     The curriculum structure is consisted of 3 main            courses as a General Education Courses, Specialized Courses and  Free Elective Courses. Total credits are not less than  139 credits.


 Courses   Credits
 A. General Education Courses     30
     A/1 Language and Communication Courses 9  
     A/2 Social Science Courses 3  
     A/3 Humanities Courses 6  
     A/4 Science and Mathematics Courses 6  
     Remark: Free Elective in this Courses 6  
 B. Specialized Courses   103
     B/1 Business Core Courses 45  
     B/2 Major Required Courses 36  
     B/3 Major Elective Courses 15  
     B/4 Professional Courses 7  
 C. Free Elective Courses   6
Total   139