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History of Computer Technology Department

The Department of Computer Technology was established according to the undergraduate regulation (2005) of Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University. The department is managed and organized by the department committee. The duties of the committee are to manage and improve the course curriculum, increase the quality level of students, assess the quality of the graduates, and perform the quality assurance in education.

In the Department of Computer Technology, we develop a new course curriculum in 2009 for Bachelor degree of Science, department of Computer Technology. The course was used and operated since academic year 2009. After opening for student application, there were 93 students attended which divided into 2 study groups.

Later, in 2011, we further improve the course curriculum in order to match with Thailand Qualifications Framework (TQF) 1. The second (2010) version was first used in the first semester of academic year 2011.

Yet again, in 2016, the course curriculum was improved into the third (2015) version as it had been used for 5 years. The course was divided into 2 fields, including:

  1. Web and Mobile Technology field which mainly taught application development on websites and mobile devices;
  2. Computer and Network Technology which focus on computer network technology.

In the Department of Computer Technology, there are a number of rooms and computer laboratories for both lecturing and practical classes, including:

  1. Computer laboratory for mobile application based on iOS and Android
  2. Network laboratory for Cisco CCNA
  3. Computer hardware laboratory for computer maintenance and digital system classes
  4. Computer laboratory for web application and programming
  5. Computer laboratory for database classes

Furthermore, the department also provides a number of learning support devices, such as:

  1. Robotics: LEGO EV3
  2. Controller boards: Arduino, Raspberry pi, Node MCU 8266, 3D printer
  3. Sensor devices: Temperature sensor, Reflective sensor, Motion sensor, Optical Sensor

Within the Department of Computer Technology, there are 6 permanent lecturers, including:

  1. Assist. Prof.SM1 Thanin Muangpool
  2. Assist. Prof. Ouychai Intharasombat
  3. Dr. Klaokanlaya Silachan
  4. Dr. Pitiphol Pholpabu
  5. Mongkol Rodjan
  6. Phongdanai Jittavisuttikul

The Department of Computer Technology is located on the the 4th floor of the computer laboratory building. External Tel: 034-261095, Internal Tel: 3296