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"Keep pace with technology, have service mind, conserve Thai locality, strive for ASEAN"


"Our graduates have to be a helpful person who could effectively support on Information technology and networking"


     1. To educate students to be khowledgeable and skilled in computer technology

     2. To create conscoius mind and foster leadership, determination, enthusiasm, virtue,
         norality, and willing to serve

     3. To encourage students to participate university's activities according to event

     4. To encourage students to integrate local knowledge and modern technology


     "have willing to serve"


     "have knowledge to catch up the new technology"


     1. To educate students to be knowledgeable and skilled in computer technology either
         hardware, software, networking and modern technology

     2. To educate students to have good attitude, virtue, morality, willing to serve,
         discipline, enthusiasm, ethical, and responsibility on both personal duties and society

     3. To educate students to be knowledgeable in order to further their studies on higher
         education and become life-long learners for future technologies

     4. To encourage the integration of local knowledge in education, then, develop further
         knowledge for the locals