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Elementary Education Program

Courses and instructors
Undergraduate courses (5 years) have a number of credits. Total not less than 173 credits.

Not more than 10 academic years

3.1 Courses

 3.1.1 The total number of credits throughout the program is not less than 173 credits.
   3.1.2 Course structure, course structure Consists of general education courses Specialized courses And free elective courses In accordance with the announcement of the Ministry of Education regarding the standard criteria for undergraduate courses in 2015 as follows

  A. General education courses Not less than 30 credits
1. Language and Communication (Compulsory) 9 credits
2. Social Sciences (Compulsory) 6 credits
3. Humanities (compulsory) 6 credits
4. Science and Mathematics (Compulsory) 6 credits
 Specific requirements To choose to study in any group of subjects at least 3 credits
  B. Specific subjects, not less than 137 credits
1. Core courses not less than 59 credits
1.1 Group of Teacher Professional Knowledge 44 credits
1.2 The group of teachers of professional experience during 3 credits of study
1.3 Academic group for teaching in schools 12 credits
 2. Specialized subjects Not less than 78 credits
2.1 Compulsory education of not less than 68 credits
2.2 Academic teaching major Not less than 6 credits
2.2 Choose at least 4 credits.
  C. Free elective courses Not less than 6 credits

3.1.3 Courses in the curriculum
A. General education courses Not less than 30 credits
 1. Language and Communication No less than 9 credits