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History of Primary Education

             With Assistant Professor Dr. Somchit Chanchai as head of the curriculum and teaching at that time Recognizing the importance of teaching and learning in elementary education at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University

             Which is consistent with the Ministry of Education's policy on teaching at the doctorate And assigning a doctorate in the professional license Especially in primary education Therefore studying the possibility of opening the primary education program To provide opportunities for people in Nakhon Pathom and nearby provinces to have the opportunity to study Upon graduation, the knowledge gained will be used to develop the community and the local community. The Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University Council therefore approved the opening of the elementary education program in the academic year 2011 in order to continue teaching and learning.

             The elementary education program is part of the Faculty of Education. There is a Dean who is the primary commander. And there is the chairman of the program to be the second class supervisor

              At present, for the work place of the elementary academic program is located at the Education Building and the Early Childhood Education Demonstration Center. Consists of a room, a teacher and 1 classroom and 1 teaching room.