“Producing employable graduates

           Promotion of community volunteering

                     Developing Multiple Intelligences

                              and Enhance Community Development”


1. To produce graduates with knowledge, capability, and ability to solve problems.

2. To produce graduates with intellectual analytical skills.

3. To produce graduates with numerical analysis, language, communication and information technology skills.

4. To produce graduates with morals, ethics, leadership, interpersonal skills and responsibility.


General management programme was created according to “The Teachers’ Colleges Act, 1975”, revised and amended in 1984, article 5 which allowed the Teachers’ Colleges to offer other fields of study than just teacher education. 

In 1985, general management programme offered four-year undergraduate and two-year undergraduate both in business administration degree.

In 2006, 2011, and 2016, there were curriculum revision and modification. New general management curricula were also created as a preparation for the new academic year.