By virtue of the Teachers College Act BE 2518, Nakhon Pathom was approved as a higher education institution. The school was renamed Nakorn Pathom Teachers College, Department of Physical Education under the Faculty of Science. High School Diploma (High school education)

1976, Department of Physical Education offers undergraduate degree 2 years.

1981 Department of Physical Education offers undergraduate degree 4 years.

1984 Department of Physical Education moved to the Faculty of Education.

In 1998, the Department of Physical Education changed its administration into a curriculum.

2004 program for students not to open the first year due to the policy of teacher production changed. Produced in 5 year course.

2005 Physical Education and Recreation Program Make a draft of the physical education curriculum. 5 years and offered for approval in the academic year 2006 by the name of the course. "Physical Education and Health Promotion"

2006 began to receive students in the program of physical education and health promotion.

In 2011, the curriculum for Physical Education (five years of physical education) was introduced in the standard framework of the National Higher Education (TQF)

There are 12 undergraduate courses in the field of health education and health promotion. There are 12 groups of students, namely Year 3, Two, Fourth Grade, Two Grade, Five Grade, Three Grade and Three Grade. Year 1, Year 3, Year 2